WoodTech Fair 2023: Breakthroughs Leading the Wood Processing Industry

The wood processing industry, which provides products to a wide range of companies in the furniture, construction, interior decoration, packaging, and other industries, is one of the most important industrial branches of Türkiye. The wood processing industry witnessed important developments and innovations in 2023. WoodTech, which is Türkiye's and the region's largest and longest-running trade fair in the field of wood processing machinery, cutting tools and hand tools in this industry, stands out as the business platform where these important developments took place.

The WoodTech Fair, held at the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul on October 19- 23, 2023 in cooperation between RX Tüyap and the Turkish Woodworking Machinery Industrialist Association (AIMSAD), attracted great deal of attention as a commercial event exhibiting the latest technological developments in the industry. The fair brought together wood processing machinery manufacturers and suppliers as well as industry professionals, giving them the opportunity to present the latest technologies and innovations in the industry. Innovations in the fields of automation, data analytics and environmental sustainability were included among the focal points of the fair.

During the fair which took place across 10 halls, participants exhibited their machinery and equipment for forest, logging and timber products; wood processing machinery and equipment; surface treatment machinery and equipment; packaging machinery and equipment; conveyors, handling and storage equipment; cutting tools, fastening tools and other equipment; dust collection, ventilation and filtration systems; drying ovens; impregnation systems; energy boilers as well as industrial software.

RX Tüyap's General Manager Berkan Öner states that the fair grew by 30 percent compared to 2022 and explains: "We are proud to have organized the 36th edition of the WoodTech Fair in the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye. In 2023, the fair took place with participation of more than 320 companies and company representatives, exhibiting nearly 1000 pieces of machinery. 22,381 visitors from 98 countries including Türkiye visited the fair and 3,881 of them were foreign visitors. Purchasing delegates which consisted of more than 300 professionals, including international VIP visitors, also came to Istanbul for the fair. We aim to achieve at least 20% increase in both the number of international visitors and our trade volume of the next year's fair, which will take place on October 12-16, 2024."

Towards 2024: Expectations and Goals of the Wood Processing Industry

Stating that they will move forward by putting digitalization, automation, sustainability, environmental awareness and innovation targets at the fore, Öner also said that they would continue to bring an inspiring vision to the industry for 2024 and beyond and that they would shape the future in the world of wood processing machinery at the WoodTech Fair.

He explained, "The wood processing machinery industry is expected to expand further in global markets in 2024. We aim to maintain the momentum of growth in the industry through entry into new markets, international cooperation and trade agreements. We predict that the increased domestic demand and continuing export operations will support the growth of the industry. The industry's targets for 2024 include increasing exports, opening into new markets and improving domestic production capacity. To achieve these goals, the industry plans to focus on R&D investments and follow technological developments closely.

The wood processing industry will continue to be an important driving force of the Turkish economy in the coming years. Growth of the industry will contribute to increased employment and exports through our WoodTech Fair.