Why Should You Participate? - WoodTech Fair

Reach fast-growing emerging markets from CIS to MENA from the region’s center of trade: Middle-East, North-Africa and West-Central Asia are reached only by 3 to 4 hours travel from Türkiye. Due to less strict visa regulations in Türkiye, you will be able to meet distributors and decision makers of furniture industry from 56 countries where more than around 1.5 billion people live.

Highest sales and trade point: The exhibition awaited excitedly by wood processing machinery producers, buyers and distributors is highest sales and trade meeting in the market. Furniture producers and carpenters arrange their purchase schedule according to the fair because they get an opportunity to see all working machines together and compare each other.

Opportunity to get new dealerships: The fair is visited by great numbers of qualified visitor groups from CIS to MENA whereby workout to bring buyer groups from target countries. You can find new dealers coming from wide territory to see.